Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Can't Think of a Title

It's stressful trying to think of a title for a post every single day.  Maybe that's why I have this canker sore!

What if the post is really just not about much of anything?  Does it still need a title?  Can that title be "Not Much of Anything"? That hardly works to get people interested.

This post isn't really about much of anything.  Just my clothes.

I love this blouse, it's so clean and simple... very "me".  I feel bad I wasted it for today since my COO just told me he wants me to be part of interviewing for a new HR manager which is pretty cool because the other people he asked are all young and young-ish people that were just recently promoted to some pretty big positions: directors and account managers and things of the like.  Pretty exciting that he decided to include me in the group of people to talk to the candidate!  I know I'm not the one being interviewed but I still feel a lot of pressure - I'm sure if this person gets hired they are going to discuss me and my abilities and some of that will be based on my performance as an interviewer.  Here's hoping I can figure out something to wear that morning and don't go through one of those try-everything-on-and-hate-it-all morning phases.

shirt: giorgio armani button back blouse || pants: theory nabiki trousers || necklace: kjl by kenneth jay lane || shoes: pour la victoire irina pumps || bag: balenciaga RH black city
PS check out that bag in motion, tassels flyin'


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