Monday, March 17, 2014

I Forgot to Wear Green

But that's okay, I celebrate being Irish every day with my name.  When I was younger and super into tanning and being tan, I would go to pick up prescriptions or do other things where I needed to give my name and people would always say I wasn't what they expected.  I guess in their heads a little redheaded leprechaun would be showing up.

For years, we always had corned beef and cabbage to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  My dad loved his boiled meat and it was a tradition, so we just continued to do it even after he passed away until one day, while eating a heaping pile of corned beef, I lamented to my mother that I didn't even really like it.  She responded by saying she didn't like it either but thought I did, and so we both found that we thought we were doing a favor for the other person by eating this meal neither of us even enjoyed.  I've seen lots of corned beef in the supermarkets but have to say, I don't feel bad about not having any this year.

I did have some (a lot of) Irish Soda Bread though, so I haven't totally dropped the ball.

shirt: j. crew wildcat crepe blouse || pants: vince ponte ski pants || shoes: saks fifth ave black label randi flats || bracelet: kate spade pyramid lock bangle 

I love this shirt from J. Crew.  I think the sleeves are supposed to be full length (at least based on the pictures from all those J. Crew shopping blogs out there) but I like them this length on me.  This shirt was how I finally determined, definitively, that J. Crew Factory is a total rip off.  I saw a shirt that looked exactly like this one and got annoyed that I could have gotten it for way cheaper at the outlet had I just waited a bit, but when I felt it it felt nothing like this one - the material was thin and cheap feeling, even though the cut and print were the same.  On the tag, it showed the MSRP as being the same as this shirt's was, even though it was obviously totally different and much more cheaply made.  It was being sold at 30% off so people probably gobbled them up thinking they were getting a great deal but there's no way the shirt as it existed in the Factory store would ever be sold in the real J. Crew store, so really they were paying for the label and the look but none of the quality.  

It reminds me of how J. Crew does their "In Good Company" collaborations and then brands each item with a "for J. Crew" and marks up the price by 20%.  I fell for it once - I bought really cute Minnetonka for J. Crew moccasins that I then saw at ShoeMania or one of those other shoe stores around Union Square that always are having huge sales without the J. Crew branding being sold for $30 less.  Fool me once...

Speaking of J. Crew, they're having an extra 40% off final sale items with code EXTRA40.  Stock and colors seem to be pretty limited but these sales are always great for stocking up on basics like the always chic Tippi sweater and the summer staple Vintage Tanks.  Also, loving this sweater in the sand/yellow color.

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