Monday, March 31, 2014

I Made a Mistake

I second guessed myself at the last minute.  I always do this.

I went shopping with some friends yesterday to use my 15% off at Sephora.  I really wanted to get the YSL Teint Touche Eclat foundation that both my friend recommended as well as Teckie from Werner Beauty who does incredible makeup, and walked over to check it out.  A sales associate was doing a woman's makeup right in front of the display and the place was packed; not wanting to be a pain I figured I'd browse around and wait.

I came across the Hourglass Immaculate Liquid to Powder Foundation.  I tested out a few colors and found what I thought was my match.  Maybe this will be just as good, I thought.


Before I could grab the color I thought was good a sales associate offered to help match me.  Sure, why not?  She matched me to what I later discovered by looking online was the lightest color available.  Now, I know I'm pale but if I'm the lightest color in the spectrum then I don't know what tons of other people do.

I used it this morning.  My skin is matte, feels tight and dry, and I look so white.  I had to use a ton of bronzer to fix it and I am not happy.

Why did I try something else?  Why didn't I just get what I went there for?  I hate my overanalyzing sometimes.

So, tomorrow during lunch, this guy is going back and (hopefully!) the YSL Teint Touche Eclat is coming home with me.  Or maybe Guerlain Lingerie de Peau.  Or Givenchy Photo'Perfexion.  I don't know now... I did a lot of browsing and am feeling unsure.  Anyone have any input for an oily skinned girl whose main concern is staying power and not looking like a bald eagle in pictures?

I'd ask the Sephora sales associates but I've just gotten some seriously bad recommendations before (come on, stick foundation when I was complaining about super-oily 17 year old skin???) and now, a really bad color match.  It's a shame though because I know people who've had an incredible job done on their makeup there so it's really just luck of the draw.

Anyway, here's what I wore yesterday to the mall, even though I was mid-blink.  Or I've developed lazy eyes.  One or the other.

sweater: j. crew tippi in heathered caramel || jeans: rich and skinny coated || shoes: boutique nine yendo loafer || jacket: burberry brit || bag: fendi colorblock chameleon

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