Thursday, March 27, 2014


Hopefully this is the last day below freezing for a long time (until next year?) making it one of my last opportunities to comfortably wear some lined, wool pants.  Actually, that's a lie since my office is kept borderline frigid year round so it's always wool-weather in here, but the walk to the car in lined pants and a heavy sweater during the summer is not a pleasant one.

Our office is split into up with one big section for the sales side and a smaller section for the engineering side.  The thermostat for the engineering side is located in a closed office on the sales side, an office with a wall of windows that gets unusually warm.  As a result, the engineering side of the office is freezing because the guy who controls the thermostat never turns the heat on.  Everyone comments on it when they walk through here to get to the bathroom, and I often have to wear my company issue fleece sweatshirt to avoid having goosebumps nonstop.  My coworker, who was not offered a fleece sweatshirt, usually wears his coat all day.  If you've read along you know I had to switch desks because I was next to an intolerable cubicle-mate who would open the window all throughout the winter because he is always, inexplicably, disgustingly hot.  When people pass by and ask me how I can stand it I have to be dismissive of their remarks because otherwise he jumps in and tells them to go back to their side because he doesn't want it any warmer.  Cold office, cold's tough sometimes.

At least I remembered to close my window before I went to bed last night so I was able to crawl out from under the covers before my absolute "you must get out of bed right now" last call time of 6:15.  I still didn't leave myself nearly enough time to get ready, but I'm working on it!

top: max mara boatneck sweater || pants: st. john diana straight leg trousers || bag: louis vuitton damier neverfull mm || necklace: monet chunky chain || shoes: steve madden clydee pumps

Tomorrow's mission is to only hit snooze on my alarm once.  I'm feeling determined.

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