Monday, March 3, 2014


M on her way to work hoping for a better week than the last.  Will she succeed or just end up repeating the past?


Gossip Girl was a guilty pleasure for many, but I have to say I could never get into it.  Maybe because it was so over the top and absurd, or maybe because I just didn't give it enough of a chance, the only thing I remember from GG (besides Chuck's snide faces and ridiculous dialogue) is the voiceovers done by Gossip Girl herself.  They were always hilarious (or cringe-worthy, depends on your view), punny and often rhyming and I like to make my own up in emails to friends recounting events of the weekend before.

Pretty Little Liars though, now that is a guilty pleasure show I can get down with.  I always feel embarrassed watching it given the target demographic but it is so good.  Plus these girls look at act like they're 25, it's hardly a show about high schoolers anyway.

sweater: j. crew jackie cardigan in deep riviera || top: dolce and gabbana silk polka dot blouse || skirt: armani collezioni || shoes: tahari simple pumps || bag: balenciaga papier two tone flap in navy/black

Sometimes I'm not sure if the way I feel when I see pictures of myself (usually "ugh") is indicative of how I feel about myself or if I really just am unphotogenic.  I've had multiple people tell me the latter but maybe they're just being nice.  Or maybe today is just one of those days where I dwell way too much on stupid questions like this.