Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Things I Miss Out On

I don't have a Facebook.  I did for most of college, but then I deleted it about three years ago after a breakup (how do you move on when 4 years of history are staring at you all the time? 4 years worth of accumulated pictures, mutual friends, constant reminders... it's awful) and haven't really missed it.

The discrimination I've experienced as being a part of this non-Facebook having population has been palpable.  I can't enter contests, I can't get 10% off my meal at my favorite restaurant, I can't get the big cup that they keep refilling with $5 drinks just for liking the bar on Facebook.  It's been tough, but I've managed.

As a result of checking Bloglovin' frequently, I am now kept abreast of some of the things that pass around on Facebook.  I remember hearing about girls posting the color of their bras, for cancer, but I didn't get to see it for myself.  Now, girls posting pictures of themselves without makeup, for cancer, has crossed over onto blogs.

Can someone please explain to me how this helps those with cancer?

I've long been a vocal opponent of so-called charities that aim to promote cancer "awareness", like LIVESTRONG and Komen for the Cure.  I refuse to donate to any entity whose executives make upwards of $500,000 a year - my donation is to help people, not to pay someone's exorbitantly high salary.  What is "awareness" anyway?  Are you aware of cancer?  Okay cool, mission complete.

What in the world does you not wearing makeup and posting a picture of this publicly have to do with cancer?  Really, I don't get it.  I can take a picture of myself without makeup on and post it but I won't pretend that it's about anything other than me posting a picture of myself without makeup.

This is the problem with the so-called "Facebook Generation": they make everything about themselves.  Forget about those suffering cancer, tell me how pretty I am without makeup!  Let me post "red" as my Facebook status, presumably to help victims of cancer, so a bunch of guys can comment "lol hot".  That gets a lot done.

I wish people could just do some good without having to post an account of it or post pictures of it every time.  It's nice to help people, but it's even nicer to do so without making it all about you.

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