Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Time Wasted

This morning, I pulled myself out of bed early to make sure I didn't sleep through my alarm again like yesterday.  I put on makeup, eyes stinging from the light, and even haphazardly sprayed some product in my hair.  I tried on a leopard print shell and cardigan, looked at myself in the mirror, hated everything about it and ripped it off, leaving both items inside out and strewn across my bed.  I stood in my closet, staring at the clothes, for another five minutes.  I glanced at my pants; I have so many pairs and so few that are long enough for me to comfortably wear when it isn't the summer.  Immediately eliminating a bunch of tops, I finally picked one up I haven't worn yet.  It wouldn't look great, but it would do.

I walked out of my room almost a full ten minutes before my already early work departure time.  I took some pictures, and I even felt good about them for once.

I got to work and pulled out my camera so I could put the memory card into my computer.  It was empty.


pants: vince ponte ski pants || top: zara colorblock blouse || shoes: dv by dolce vita lissa smoking flat

It's not all for naught though, I am going with my boyfriend later to look at some apartments for him so it's probably for the best I tried to look like a functioning member of society this morning.  Here's hoping there's time to stop and get Mexican food beforehand!

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