Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Warming Up (Just not Outside)

Well this week I was hoping to cut out drinks and dessert but I'm off to a bad start.  Our fridge broke which you would think isn't a huge deal but somehow the temperature is climbing like crazy despite us not opening it and this morning both the fridge and the freezer had reached 63 degrees, room temperature.  This means everything is ruined and we have to start from scratch.

As a result of the stress of dealing with repair places (screw Sears by the way, we pay money every year so they will service our appliances when we need it and they said they didn't have an appointment for four days, wtf??), my mom desperately needed a drink last night.  Okay fine, just a drink doesn't hurt.  Then I remembered all the cookie dough in the freezer that was about to go bad.  Can't just let that go to waste, right?  It was a bad day, but considering the stress of everything I guess it's understandable.  This morning I even got to bring fresh pastries to work since the Kouigns Amann we love from Trader Joe's were about to go bad so they had to be baked off too.

All this and I am still not used to getting out of bed in the pitch black yet.  I know I'm being dramatic but I don't remember it being this hard in the past!  I wake up and just curl myself into a ball and shop on my phone until it's the absolute last second possible and don't have time to do much other than throw on clothes and brush my teeth.

sweater: kenneth cole crew neck || skirt: theory boucle pencil || bag: balenciaga black RH city || bracelet: j. crew enamel striped bangle

I'm determined to get the hang of this soon.  I haven't had trouble waking up since back when I couldn't sleep at night from all my anxiety about the things I wasn't doing, seriously years ago!  When I started back in school I was so determined to get up and go to class and not let insecurities and anxiety keep me from getting shit done that I started forcing myself to go to bed by 9:00 PM and wake up by 6:00 AM, whether I needed to or not.  It was a good habit to get into even though I can never sleep in on the weekends anymore, but I feel like Daylight Savings Time has just thrown me so off my game.

I realized I never updated on my weekend baking.  I went with those warm butter cakes and my advice: don't bother.  They were easy enough to make and tasted good but a vanilla cake just isn't complete without some buttercream, and the whipped cream on top of these did not make up for that.  They were good and don't get me wrong - I nearly finished mine which was supposed to serve two people - they were just not terribly satisfying, which is typically what I'm looking for when I go for dessert.

Now, if you happen to not like buttercream (you're crazy, for the record) and like cheesecake, these might be up your alley.  They have a cream cheese layer so the top tasted kind of like cheesecake (not my favorite) while the bottom was super buttery.  I used this recipe from Sublime Sweets although I did not have a torch to brulee the tops and I didn't even both to take them out of the bowls because after cooking for 50 minutes I just wanted them right then and didn't want to have to wait.

Next time I'm going with my gut and doing the cupcakes.  I was silly to think anything else could satisfy me when those have been on my mind for so long.

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