Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Avoiding Life

It's incredible how deeply I feel the physical effects of stress.  I am taking the GRE tomorrow morning and even though I am plenty prepared and generally kill it on standardized tests, I still feel sick to my stomach about it.  I haven't even posted on here because I keep telling myself that I should be studying instead, letting the guilt keep me from getting anything done.

I ended up making that cake for my mother's birthday and it came out... adequate.  It was absolutely delicious, and looked like maybe a 12 year old had assembled it rather than a pre-school child, so that's definitely an upgrade over the last cake I attempted.  I am excited to post some pictures of it tomorrow once I'm done with this test.

I have been apprehensive about writing too much because I don't want to use up all my good writing vibes here and have none left for the GRE when I have to argue something I don't care about in the slightest.  When I don't write anything for a few days I feel as if I could ramble endlessly about anything, so I'm trying to keep some of that locked in before I unleash it tomorrow morning.

Wish me luck please! I will need it.

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