Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Can We Talk About Something Other than Donald Sterling?

I hate when stories like this take over the media.  I understand why we're talking about it, he's a terrible human being and honestly anyone who follows basketball has known that, and known factually that he is a racist, for nearly a decade.  But why do we now need every single person alive's opinion on it before we can move on to the next topic?

The internet has given everyone a platform to espouse their opinions, and I feel like now we expect too many.  I don't think we need to know what the President thinks about this, or Rick Ross, or Frankie Muniz.  Who cares?  Their opinions don't change the facts of what happened, and certainly don't change how I feel about it.

This goes without mentioning that most of these opinions we are seeking (the President aside, hopefully) are mostly uninformed and worthless, statements given to advance the person's own public persona and not to encourage actual discourse on the still important topic of race.  This morning someone called into the radio station I listen to and was waxing poetic on free speech and how Sterling shouldn't be fined for having a belief.  He then actually said that "racism is a belief" and Sterling should be allowed to express this.  That guy's a fucking idiot, who put him on radio for other idiotic people to hear and agree with and feel justified in their own stupid opinions?

Free speech does not protect hate speech, nor does it protect you from consequences of making inflammatory statements.  Our freedom of speech (and I would not consider racism on this level but certainly this caller did) does not extend to keeping you from being fired or forced to resign for making offensive comments.  Ultimately, the NBA is a private corporation interested in selling tickets to games, and if that means they have to ban an owner for being a dick they are totally within their rights.  This owner's freedom of speech protects him from retaliation from the government for speaking out against it and from retaliation from employers for his race, religion, sexuality, creed, etc, etc.  Racism is not protected.  Thanks.

So now that that's out of the way, how about this weather?  It's pouring rain here in NY today and tomorrow, although I know the southern states are getting it much worse right now.  I'm staying at my boyfriend's tonight to minimize the number of long trips I need to make in the terrible weather since people apparently forget how to drive when a few drops fall, wish me luck with that one!  Hopefully we can spend most of the night catching up on Game of Thrones and The Inbetweeners (season 3 now on Netflix!).

All of these pictures came out super strange with really orange-y colors, more orange than my pumpkin orange walls normally appear, and I figured out I had my camera on some Pop-Art setting.  My bad!

sweater: theory crewneck || pants: lafayette 148 || bag: louis vuitton neverfull MM || nails: butter london "wellies"

raincoat: burberry brit trench

Our new HR person has started talking to us one by one to get to know us better and my meeting was yesterday.  She asked me some tough existential type questions, the kinds of questions that made me hate doing formal interviews for jobs, like where do I see myself this time next year (I don't know, hopefully a little thinner) and what are my major frustrations with my job (having to deal with that guy) and what I like most about my job (the mostly unfiltered internet? does that count?) and I feel like I had no good answers so I'm going to think about these things.

I did tell her about my story with the intolerable coworker I had to deal with, and how it made me lose a lot of enthusiasm for my job.  Where waking up and coming in was never an issue, now I dread it and I hate that.  She stressed the importance of me getting the fuck over it, and I know she wasn't marginalizing my feelings or anything and I know she's totally right.  It's so hard for me to get over things - I rarely forgive and forget when I consider something to be egregious in some way and I don't often have big fights with friends or boyfriends that put me in the position of having to really work to move past a grudge.  It's hindering my productivity at work though, and that's not okay.  Imagine I squander all of my potential success because this guy made me feel shitty and worthless and I hate looking at his face?  I can't let him win.  I started by saying good night to him yesterday where I'd typically ignore him, and I hope that I can just get past it by pretending to not care anymore.  Any tips for dealing with someone you are forced to be around but whose existence makes you want to never come in again?

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