Thursday, April 17, 2014

If I Haven't Done Anything Exciting, Can I Blog About the Things I Didn't Do?

I did NOT go to Coachella and get photobombed by a thumbs-up offering Aaron Paul standing next to a smirking Kellan Lutz.

I also did NOT wear a bindi in the desert, or a flowy floral skirt with a crop top, or leather sandals fashioned from real authentic buffalo.

I did NOT take any outfit pictures, because I did NOT wear anything worthwhile (yes, plain black sweater and grey pants for me please, thanks).

I did NOT successfully complete anything I had planned on, besides finishing the GRE.

I did NOT book my flight to Pittsburgh next weekend and now prices are going up and so I just have to pray for them to go back down again.

I did NOT book a room for Atlantic City like I was supposed to.

I did NOT win anything on eBay this week despite trying for a few items.

I did NOT sell anything new on eBay this week despite listing a bunch of new things (although a Longchamp I listed has a bid!).

I did NOT bake anything, or cook anything, or have any thoughts worth writing down, or watch any new TV shows.

I did NOT successfully avoid the despair that comes along with catching up on a season of Mad Men.

I did NOT solve any of the problems that have been hanging over my head or make any decisions about things that I've been meaning to make decisions about.

I did NOT do anything but put off the inevitable and procrastinate things all week long.

I did NOT act enthusiastic enough during Zumba to make it a worthwhile workout.

I'm in a rut, and I did NOT successfully climb out of it this week.  There's always next week, I guess.

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