Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I don't generally wear a lot of color.  It's just easier to match when you're wearing all neutrals and you don't have to worry about whether or not this shade of beige looks good with this shade of navy because the answer is always yes.

I try to break out of my dark, neutral toned shell but it's hard.  I will buy things that are colorful and then they sit in my closet for years, unworn and usually still with tags on, until I decide to just donate them because I know I'm never going to get around to it.

I think part of the reason it's so hard is because I have no idea what looks good with my skin tone.  I have tried to figure out if I'm cool or warm-toned but all websites seem to have conflicting advice.  Some sites say warm-toned is having pink undertones, while others say warm-toned is the opposite and is having yellow undertones.  A good test, or so I've read, is to look at the veins on your wrist and if they look bluish you're cool-toned and if they're greenish you're warm-toned, but what if they are teal with a very even distribution of blue and green?

Even with makeup it's impossible.  When I was in high school, in a desperate attempt to keep me from looking orange my mom took me to MAC and told them to tell me what to do.  She had never worn makeup and apparently the Dream Matte Mousse in medium tan I was buying to help me look less pale was not working for me (shocker!).  They picked out an NC color for me, which the woman explained was because I am cool-toned.  When I went back to try a different formulation, the new artist picked out an NC color for me and told me it was because I am warm-toned and the cool tones in the makeup help neutralize it.  I've been lost ever since.

Whatever my undertone is, I love this super bright orange-y red crepe tee from J. Crew.  I have a few of their items in this color, seemingly interchangeably known as "Vibrant Flame", "Modern Red", and "Bright Persimmon".  I have arguments with people about this color often - when I look at it I see red but other people tell me it's orange.  Either way, I'm into it.

shirt: j. crew matte crepe tee in bright persimmon || pants: j. crew paley pant || bag: fendi colorblock chameleon || shoes: bcbgeneration tinas pumps in nude textured

I think that last picture had potential if it weren't so blurry.  Is it rude to fire your mother as your photographer?  In some of these the shirt looks definitely orange but I think the close up picture is a better representation of the real color and it looks red.  I never thought I'd be out of college and debating this much about what category a color falls under.

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