Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Short Pants

Being a tall woman, it is very hard to find pants that are the appropriate length.  These Minnie pants from J. Crew are definitely supposed to be closer to ankle length whereas on me they are definitely closer to cropped/capri length.  I even bought these in the tall size and they're still way too short!

That's okay, I don't think the length looks terrible but it certainly makes dressing in the winter difficult.  As today it is supposed to exceed 60 degrees (!!!), I decided maybe it was time to bring them back out without feeling too bad for my cold, bare ankles.

top: magaschoni leopard pin dot shell || pants: j. crew minnie pants || sweater: tory burch cardigan || bag: fendi colorblock chameleon || shoes: saks fifth ave black label randi flats

I'm just relieved that the winter is over (hopefully) I have a lot more variety to choose from in the bottoms department!

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