Saturday, April 12, 2014

Too Invested

I don't ever go to the movies.  I'm not exaggerating - I saw one movie in 2013 and that was "Spring Breakers" and only out of morbid curiosity and because my friend promised we could pick up ice cream sundaes on the way.  It's not that I don't like them, I just don't like the way they make me feel.  Most good movies have some emotional element to them and I just find myself so mentally effected by movies that I just try to avoid them entirely.

Actually, this doesn't only apply to movies, it goes for TV shows as well.  The first season of Breaking Bad was almost impossible for me to watch, but I didn't want to be left out.  There's an episode of House that I have to turn off any time it comes on, and forget about if I pass "American Beauty" on one of the movie channels - just seeing the name reminds me of all the awful feelings I felt when I first saw it.

I remember seeing the movie "The Wackness" starring Josh Peck (literally from Drake and Josh or Josh and Drake, whatever that Nickelodeon show was) and I found it so upsetting that I felt inexplicably compelled to tell me then boyfriend I was miserable and break up with him immediately after watching it.  I just can't handle things

I've started watching Mad Men season 6 in preparation of the upcoming season on Sunday and I have to say, after the galvanizing fifth season, I am slumping into a very dark place.  I just cannot separate how I feel for these characters from how I feel about reality and I find myself overthinking everything way too much in light of how these characters change, or don't change.

I am going to try to finish the season today just so I can be done with it and not drag out feeling this way, but I apologize in advance for what are bound to be some bleak posts.  On the bright side, only 7 more episodes to go!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday.  She loved (I think) her present - a 4 hour cooking class at ICE called The Essentials of Tuscan Cooking on Sunday where we will make everything from Bellinis and Pear and Fennel Salad to Florentine Porterhouse and Biscotti.  It should be a good time, and I hope that my agonizing over which class to pick ended with me going with the right one.

Last night we went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant on Staten Island to celebrate, Paco's, with my boyfriend and her best friend.  Their margaritas are absolutely the best I've had anywhere - no sour mix involved and a really great 100% agave silver tequila.  Everyone's meals were fresh and delicious, and I wish I had saved some to eat today.

We thought we took some decent pictures of my outfit beforehand, but of course the memory card was not in the camera.  These pictures were after two pitchers of margaritas and my mom accusing me of having "drunk face" and so naturally I tried to prove her right.

top: babaton ainsley blouse || pants: rich and skinny coated jeans || jacket: zara essential tweed || bag: balenciaga papier two tone flap

I'm thinking about buying these but I'm not sure - are they hideous?  I can't tell.

Probably.  I have to bake something for my mom today but I'm not sure what to go with - do I try my hand at a sure to be doomed cake again or quit while I'm ahead?

I'm a masochist so I'm sure I'll be going with the cake, although I'm not insane so at least I'm not expecting different results here.

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