Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Don't Remember it Being Like This...

I got my last two wisdom teeth taken out yesterday and holy shit is it way worse than I remember from the last time I got some removed.  Granted, that was 5 years ago and my (very cute) oral surgeon informed me that it would have been better to get these two taken out back then too, but I was scared to do them all at once and then never had a problem so never got around to going back.  It won't stop bleeding and I am sick of chomping on gauze and I just want to stop tasting blood!

I was supposed to be at day 3 of a conference today but I look too much like a chipmunk to face leaders in industry.  My boss invited me along to this conference for networking purposes but he's kind of rough to network with, as he's all over the place and fidgety and doesn't really keep up with current events so small talk is a little difficult.  He's incredibly smart and so, so good at what he does, but sometimes these things just end up being super awkward for me.  I tried making friends with a woman who worked for one of the schools I am applying to but I don't think she was having it; win some, lose some.

Mother's Day was really nice.  My good friend from college came over and we hung out outside and all got sunburnt and drank margaritas.  I made vanilla panna cotta with blackberry coulis and little lemon shortbread cookies, something I've never tried before, and it turned out surprisingly well!  I had no idea how easy panna cotta is to make and since it's so plain and refreshing it lends itself to so many different combinations and variations that I can definitely see this becoming a staple for me.

For the panna cotta, I used this recipe by David Lebowitz which I found both easy to follow and easy to execute and for the lemon shortbread cookies I followed this recipe from Delicious Happens and they turned out well although I made them into little mini versions.  For the coulis, I just smooshed some blackberries in a pot with triple sec and water over high heat until all juice were released, strained this to remove the seeds, and then returned to the pot to cook some more while adding sugar to taste.  It's really easy.

I opted to keep mine in the glasses and eat them that way because we all know how my molten chocolate cakes turn out when I try to depot those.  Besides these big few, I made a bunch of teeny ones in little dessert glasses and will try to remember to capture one of those all set up before devouring it.  I'm excited to try chocolate sauce or even just honey on top!

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