Friday, May 30, 2014

Is this Week Over Yet?

The end of my Austin trip was awful.  It should have been fun but of course I sabotaged it by looking at people's Instagrams I had no business looking at and just making myself feel bad.  I spent my last night that I planned on heading out the The Driskill on Dirty 6th instead eating room service and watching Buffy on Netflix, wishing I could be home already.

The class itself was great, although I felt at a disadvantage because I am really not good with damn screwdrivers and the way things are set up it's very difficult to get at the teeny tiny screws you need to turn with your left hand (again, I reiterate, left handed people are the last group not explicitly protected by the Constitution and frankly it's a major issue).  Things took me a little longer but after getting over the initial frustration I was able to laugh it off.

Last weekend was Memorial Day Weekend but I wasn't feeling up to going to the shore after my miserable week away from home so my boyfriend and I headed in to Le Bain, the rooftop bar at The Standard Hotel.  It was a gorgeous day, perfect to sit on some astroturf with a pitcher of margaritas and get too drunk to remember how you even got home.  It was packed but we made some friends and enjoyed the view (and the super strong drinks).

Well, actually, I know we took a ferry home because I do have these pictures I managed to take from it, I just don't remember getting there and waiting for it.

We are going to go down to the beach tonight, and then tomorrow my boyfriend will leave and a friend also in the share will come and I'll head home with her.  I'm not sure if it will be quite beach weather yet but at the very least it'll be nice out and the bars will be fun.  

I probably should work on my application essays this weekend but I know if I stay home I still won't, and then I'll just feel even worse.  I've already gotten started but I'm struggling with the personal expression (duh) and fitting my career aspirations into a measly 250 words.

dress: theory leilana leather sleeve in navy || bag: balenciaga papier two tone flap

I really overdid the black and navy thing today, huh?  

I hope everyone else's last week went a lot better than mine.

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