Friday, May 2, 2014

Pyramid Schemes and Animal Print

Sometimes when I'm bored I end up looking at the Instagram of someone I know peripherally and then stalking out every single person they talk to on there to try and determine their friends and family and the people they connect with.  It's not that I care, I'm just curious and once I start I can't stop.  These aren't people I'm invested in at all, just totally random human beings who generally come from the same place I do.

Doing this this morning, I encountered a girl who is posting nonstop about Herbalife, which is a company that sells mainly nutritional products.  She's posting pictures of jewelry and wads of cash and a new car all thanks to Herbalife, but is this all a lie?  I know there's only a very, very, infinitesimally small chance it's really working because this is clearly a pyramid scheme, but then what's the point of advertising all these lies?  She has all these connections to other people doing the same thing and it just seems so insane to me, almost cultish, the way these people will publicly do anything to defend their "employer" and give off the appearance that they are incredibly successful with it, even though the data shows that the average sales per distributor (not including the expenses spent buying the product upfront and the amount you end up buying and using yourself) are only $1,047 per year - not even close to being enough to buy a car or really much of anything beyond a shitty used Vespa.

Is this all to save face, people trying to convince themselves that they made good decisions after publicly anticipating making hundreds of thousands in extra wages each year, or are these people deluded?  I'd ask, but something tells me I wouldn't get a very good answer.

pants: theory latani b in leopard print  || top: t. babaton plain black tee || jacket: vince crew neck leather || shoes: boutique 9 yendo loafers

Today is the first nice day in a while (if you don't include yesterday which was awful until noon and gorgeous thereafter).  I decided to use the opportunity to wear these silk Theory leopard print pants that were too light for winter, even though I couldn't find the top I was hoping to wear them with.  I like them but I feel like I am at a loss as far as making outfits with them, any ides?

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