Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Believe it or Not, Engineering is Not Very Glamorous!

So far I've spent the majority of my time in an office where the only specialty clothing needed is a fleece jacket to protect against the vent right above me that pumps out frigid air year round.

On Monday, I will be heading out to the site of a catalyst company and in the email I received from them in preparation of my visit I found I will need to be wearing flame retardant clothing.  Ok cool, that can't be too bad right?  Something I own must fall in that category, maybe silk or twill?


My options include relaxed fit jeans and jumpsuits, and these aren't even the worst of them.

Finally my work is going to buy me $300 worth of clothes, and they're going to be the most absolutely hideous things I can find online. 

My coworker just sent me this one that he thinks I'd be able to pull off:

I'm thinking about it.  

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