Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Retail Therapy Needed

I am now going on my 9th straight day of working (yes, I worked Saturday and Sunday this weekend) and I think it's starting to catch up.

Major signs this is the case:

  • I am bidding on a thousand things on eBay
  • I am considering stopping to go shopping on my way home from work
  • I am thinking about buying something from J. Crew when it isn't even 30% off everything
I'm a big fan of retail therapy, so generally whenever I am super stressed it is reflected in my bank account.  There should be two packages arriving for me this week already, in fact.

It could be worse.  I remember the one time I was insanely stressed and was getting a new package from Sephora almost everyday, and my doorman commented to my mom about it and asked her what Sephora was.  She told him it was a fancy makeup store and he replied, "Well, there are worse vices she could have."  I try to think about that to keep things in perspective sometimes.

Wait, I just got an email about a sale at Barney's.  I have things to do, let me wrap this up.

dress: lafayette 148 || shoes: bcbgeneration tinas pump || bag: louis vuitton MM neverfull

Yesterday my HR lady went over my MBA proposal to my COO and CEO with me.  I just have to work on making it a little more formal and then I should be good to submit it, so wish me luck!

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