Friday, July 18, 2014

Now, Time to Shop for Interview Clothes

In my email yesterday, among the random junk emails I get constantly about houses (even though I'm not even actively shopping for one anymore, I'm way too lazy to hit unsubscribe on all of them), was one that almost didn't get my attention.

Well, at least it will give me an excuse to buy some more business clothes that are way too fancy for my office!

The downside is that my anxiety is now even worse than when I was just waiting to hear back - now I'm just waiting for a day to be grilled, desperately wondering what they are going to ask me and how best to prepare and what my biggest weakness is (ugh) and what was a time I overcame adversity at work (UGH) and what was a time I had to take leadership of a project due to a difficult coworker (UGH).

Time to pull out all those interview tips I got senior year of college.  Maybe at least this time, having more life experience, I'll have some better answers.

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