Thursday, November 24, 2016

Mindless Fluff

For Thanksgiving, I took in a temporary foster dog whose family was going away from the holidays.  He's a dream but my dog is very, VERY unhappy.  He's used to being spoiled so seeing this other dog sitting on his couch and playing with toys my dog has literally never played with once is apparently driving him nuts.  He's peed on the floor quite a few times (for the first time ever) and woke me up with some growling.  This was supposed to be a nice relaxing holiday for me and I thought adding another snuggly pup to the mix would be extra stress relief but it turns out I was wrong.  No good deed goes unpunished!

The new dog has mostly blown my mind in that he's not motivated by food at all.  With my dog, you can't even rustle papers without him thinking it's you reaching into his basket of treats and running in to nip at your heels.  This guy? I give him his food, he takes a few bites and casually walks away, roams around a bit and then goes back.  Little does he know he can't do that around my dog, because he'll finish it when you're not looking.

That's the new guy Finn Wolfhard on top, and my little man Rust Cohle on the bottom.  Lazy and begging - accurate for them.

To get them (and me) in the Thanksgiving spirit, I made them some peanut butter and pumpkin cupcakes last night.  Pupcakes!

They smelled awful, but I also absolutely hate pumpkin with every fiber of my being.  When I made pumpkin whoopee pies for work, I actually gagged while mixing all that pumpkin puree into the batter; my stomach is turning thinking about it.  This batter was pretty gross too with pumpkin and peanut butter, and the "frosting" (pumpkin, peanut butter, honey and cream cheese) was just as gross. That's fine though, I'm happy to not be tempted by things I made for my dog.

Told ya he was a beggar.

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